A site that allows you to convert inputted text into the typing quirk of a Homestuck character. Thus the first field in one quirk"pattern"is simply "s". The second field"replacement"is simply "2". Everything he has or does relates to duality, especially his personality. Likewise Pesterlog Formatter is unequipped to create Japanese translations for Damara or animated censor images for Arquiusprite, Meulin's prefixes are always changing and are thus up to you, and Tavrisprite is far too irregular for any set of regular expression rules to capture. Trollcool.gif" and proceeds to place his red/blue glasses crookedly (and upside-down) over Feferi's. Feferi seems likely to have tender feelings for him; spending one's last moments saving someone else's life does endear you to a person. The no-typing-quirk-appplied original text of each line is always saved, so don't worry about (for example) writing a line in Eridan's quirk, changing the speaker to Cronus, and having a single "w" morph (under Eridan's quirk) into "ww" and then (under Cronus's quirk) into "vwvw". By using the large range of different font styles and symbols, this tool produce a large number of stylish, funky & cool decorated fonts at your every single click that help you to make your newspaper articles, blogs, website contents and scripts stand out from others. CG Because Sollux has a value of "-" for "Capitalize", meaning all of his . "Sollux" rather transparently divides into "sol-lux", the Latin words for "sun" and "light", respectively. Sollux does not participate in Karkat's plan to troll the kids as he believes they are all doomed anyway. Sollux. Quirk Modifiers: Aradia ~ Dead Quirk. Gamzee later combined the two into Erisolsprite, a sad, conflicting creature full of misery and self-loathing. After Aradia caused the spirits of Vriska's victims (whom Vriska had fed to her lusus) to haunt her, Vriska psychically forced Sollux to eat the mind honey in his hive to strengthen his psionics, and to fly to Aradia's hive . Sollux seems introverted, being reluctant to talk to Kanaya, and is the last troll to talk to the kids, as he saw it as juvenile. Your Homestuck Typing Quirk! [citationneeded] The two wear matching bodysuits and partake in similar "rad" interests like gaming, skateboarding and 1337 speak; where Mituna's theme music is a variation on the GameBro theme, Latula's is the GameGrl theme. Sollux lives in a large city filled with skyscrapers known as "communal hive stems". -building more autonomous cars that can drive themselves; The parentheses mean that their contents are a group, and "$1" is a group reference, meaning that the text will be replaced with the contents of group 1. that included Vriska, Meenah, Tavros, and their ghost army, and in the flash he can be seen standing at the scene of Eridan's death and becoming a ghost. Because Jack Noir was preoccupied with the fully-prototyped Peregrine Mendicant, Sollux survived the battle. He alternates between an aggressive, abrasive mood, employing foul language such as anti-seadweller slurs when talking to Meenah and Cronus Ampora, and a meek, passive, apologetic self, in which he is too timid and chooses not to defend himself against Cronus' verbal bullying. The only required field is "unique-class-name" at the very top of the window. Her quirk consists of preceding every line with ":33 < ". After meeting her again in dream bubbles, he still dislikes Vriska and her plans of feeding offshoot ghosts of trolls to Lord English, even though he previously heard rumors that she may have become a better person. 6. (ER QUIRK W)(EN YELLIN. Please select which character should refer to for the purposes of this log. He and Vriska have a rather rival-like relationship, as he is seen being rude to her a few times. Pheromones. It's hard to get any specifics from him, 8ut indications are that he applied every last 8it of energy he had toward some great act of heroism, saving us all from some looming threat. His unconscious body is dragged around by Karkat, to protect him from the various killers on the loose, sending them both tumbling down a flight of stairs and also knocking out Sollux's teeth. This quirk generator can quickly generate quirks. He maintains the trolls' computers and their Trollian accounts, opening the viewport option when asked. T3R3Z1S' QU1RK IS PR3TTY 34SY. She is most likely associated with . Castor and Pollux were twin brothers in Greek mythology. [citationneeded] As with the rest of their team, he was killed by Meenah Peixes to ensure that they "survived" in the form of ghosts in the Furthest Ring instead of being completely wiped out by the scratch's reset. This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.18.2 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available. (9 pp.) Whether it be painting, music, or writing, creativity is essential to any individuals success. His shoes are shown with the colours swapped when Sollux arrives at the asteroid, along with Aradia, Dave, and Rose. Sollux is depicted on the "XIV:Temperance" card in the Homestuck tarot deck. Creativity is a key part of life. Has retired 'two' puns before half-death.Half-Dead: Uses all punctuation and replaces every other "o" with "0". CA Before his death, he attempted to contact Karkat one last time, but ended up just typing about how much pain he was in. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. AA If you want to generate stylish fonts with spectacular combinations emoticons and symbols then this tool is best for you. He lives in a large city filled with skyscrapers known as "communal hive stems". Make Homestuck more readable! So, copy & paste them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, other social media platforms or wherever else you want to depict distinction! GC Sollux: Pester Terezi. - Sollux was the first and last troll to die prior to Act 6. Occasionally, he ends sentences with an all-caps. He mentions to Terezi that this will happen before he goes blind, which also may be a reference to his title as the Mage of Doom, as he is able to predict unfortunate events. TT Version: 0.1.2 Updated: April 3, 2018 Size: 38.35KiB Language: English. He makes himself the leader of the Blue Team and Terezi the leader of the Red Team (but Karkat becomes its leader later). Eridan is somewhat more complicated, including a quirk changing "v" into "vv" and "w" into "ww". TG Thus either "s" or "S" would both be changed to "2". Their name, and by extension his, may be Turkish in origin, as Gamze is a Turkish feminine given name meaning "dimple".. Makara was suggested by cashewSquared and is a mythical sea creature in Hindu mythology, which several gods and goddesses use as a vahana (vehicle . His associated zodiac sign is Gemini ( :gemini: ) and he has two horns on each side of his head, as the number two is a theme for him, because of his relations to Gemini. Anger or intense emotions; the best way I express myself is verbally and aggressively. When we have access to our creativity, we can achieve anything we want in life. Created by /u/CommanderMark, modified by /u/zyradyl. There is no limit on how many different characters may appear in a single log, though of course the fewer you have, the easier it is to write. His unconscious body is dragged around by Karkat, to protect him from the various killers on the loose, sending them both tumbling down a flight of stairs and knocking out Sollux's teeth. AR Act 5 Act 2 Terezi: Open memo. Aradia: Report discovery. , reflects two meanings. DD He has two sets of horns instead of one, glasses with hetero-chromatic lenses, and two mismatched shoes. Every combination or terezis typing quirk style this tool generates has unique characters that is logically attained with help of Unicode, so rest assured no matter what combination or font style of terezis typing quirk you choose, it will be unique that makes your statuses, posts and contents more secretive. When typing, he doubles all of his "i"s (as a probable reference to the appearance of the Gemini sign, as well as the fact that "II" is two in Roman numerals), as well as replacing "s" with "2" and "to" and "too" with "two". All the fonts, symbols and emoticons available on this website are totally free to copy and paste for any commercial or personal use. Heir of Doom 12 terms. Also uses reaction images from time to time (The "You tried" star and his own gifs of himself). GG The first is the fact that he will die twice, (due to his dream selves on both Derse and Prospit), and the second being the end of the two universes. H3RS' IS L1K3 L33T SP34K.ALL CAPS,A=4 E=3 AND I=1 SOO. They append text before or after the text of the "replacement" field, but are not affected by "Case Out". In addition, the trolls' and kids' universes are seen in his shades. Andrew Hussie describes Mituna as "a Mega Man Sollux"[citation needed]; Sollux' themes on the Toby Fox albums Alternia and . So, just decorate your text, copy it to your social media platform and make it distinctive from all other out there. Replaces most of his letters with other symbols. Report Abuse. [] The entire incident is shrouded in mystery. Sollux Captor, also known by his Trollian handle, twinArmageddons, is one of the trolls. From his limited and scattered accounts of what happened, it seems very likely that Kurloz was with him at the time, as the only eye witness. In the future, many people may want to drive themselves around instead of relying on public transportation. He picks fights with Sollux, which Feferi interpreted as trying to get her to auspisticize and end the matespritship. It allows me to easy copy and paste of all the fonts and combinations at just one click. For example, suppose that you want to copy a pesterlog from Homestuck and paste it somewhere in the MSPA Forums to illustrate some point you are making about Nepeta or Vriska. TT Invention is a process of making something new, usually something that has never been done before. Just click the copy button, showing right against the font style and paste it anywhere you want by using CTRL+V. Thus "v" changes to "vv" and "w" into "ww". This tool uses the large range of standard Unicode characters to generate a vast variety of font styles and combinations. Sollux: Get back to Aradia. With us, enjoy over 200+ variants of terezis typing quirk font transformed and combined with culpher code, Unicode, 1337, l33t, and many others. I guess we may never know, sadly. YOU DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE EAT THE MIND HONEY, H4D SOM3 UNFL4TT3R1NG TH1NGS TO S4Y 4BOUT TH3 1NT3LLIG3NC3, a8ilities [would] 8ecome useful once [they retrieved] the treasure, the part a [hiim] that u2ed twwo be [her] mate2priit. Mituna's personality fits with many stereotypes of 4chan users as lewd and abrasive. Additionally, Gamzee's text is formatted wrong - the letters in his text are supposed to just continue alternating between words but this generator keeps the first letter of each word the same as the previous word. Sollux becomes involved with Vriska's treasure hunting plan, going with Vriska on board her ship in the furthest ring, along with Aradia, Tavros, Meenah, and Aranea. Act 5 Act 1 Karkat: Answer troll. Mituna borrows his title of Heir from the Beta troll Equius Zahhak; this forms part of a chain of class swaps, with the A1 session having an Heir of Doom, Page of Void, Mage of Heart and Rogue of Breath, while the post-scratch session has a Mage of Doom, Heir of Void, Page of Breath and Rogue of Heart. He overexerts himself, however, and dies when the meteor reaches the Sun, where his half-ghost is waiting with Aradia, Rose, and Dave. Sollux using his powers to pilot the meteor before his death. In order to counter his own clumsiness, he wears a bulky helmet with a dual-color visor reminiscent of Sollux's glasses.

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