Is a yam healthier than a sweet potato? Jewel sweet potatoes can be cooked in a few different ways. Sweet potatoes are a lower-calorie, high-fiber alternative to starchy potatoes, making them a favorite healthier alternative. Andrews finds the purple variety to have a bit of a nutty taste, so she recommends roasting purple sweet potatoes whole and sprinkling with salt, pepper and turmeric. They also vary significantly in size, growing up to 150 pounds. They should be kept out of the refrigerator in a dark place away from heat. Farmers pulled more than 370 million metric tons of potatoes out of the ground in 2019. The easiest way is to boil/steam/oven-bake/microwave/pressure cook the whole potato with the skin on. FLESH Orange. The flesh varies, too, and can be creamy white,. In these countries, the orange and white flesh varieties are the most popular. Purple sweet potatoes are some of the most interesting and colorful vegetables you can cook. This sweet potato variety gets its name from the ruby-colored skin that develops when cooked. At the dinner table, though, theyre often viewed as side-dish siblings right down to the rivalry over which one is more nutritious. So, when looking at all three types of potatoes, gram for gram, white potatoes will cause a sharper spike in blood sugar when eaten. Questions about harvesting white potato vs sweet potato. Keia is the Deputy Editor of Crop Stories, a food magazine telling the stories of farming in the agricultural South. For a delicious meal, pick these potatoes sweet in flavor. If youre substituting regular sweet for purple in a recipe, remember to shorten the cooking time. As a result, the sweet potatoes will be more flavorful and fresh. Sweet potatoes have a bronze outer skin with anorange flesh inside. Their skins can be various shades of brown, yellow, orange, red or purple. Let's take a look at the nutrients contained in each potato. Therefore, lets take a close loom at the prices of each potato. These help keep systolic and diastolic blood pressure lower9. If you have a local farm or roadside stand close by, buy them there. Baking them causes the least reduction in nutrients, says Czerwony. Sweet potatoes are from the Convolvulaceae (morning glory) family, and are native to tropical parts of the American continents. When finished, they'll be creamy, smooth, and rich. Sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) are large, starchy, sweet-tasting tuber vegetables. His years of research and knowledge inspire people to achieve their goals. Neither spud is a dud, but one offers just a bit more nutrition. Color: Off-white or dusty purple skins, vibrant purple flesh.Flavor: Mildly sweet.Texture: Dense.Best uses: Roasted whole or mashed with butter, in stews and braises. TASTE Mildly sweet, and pretty moist inside. The following are the amounts and nutrients per one cup: Lets now talk about a couple of nutrient differences between an orange sweet potato and a purple sweet potato. A January 2016 review published in Nutrients examined the association of various levels of tryptophan, and its precursor serotonin, on emotion and cognitive reaction. The orange sweet potato was cultivated in the 1930s and it was larger, sweeter, more moist, and fleshier compared to the smaller, yellowish, and drier-fleshed varieties. Both typically have brownish skin; though, that can vary depending on the variety. The dense flesh holds up well during cooking and its sweet orange flesh makes delicious sweet potato wedges. Summary of differences between Red potato and Sweet potato Red potato has less Vitamin A RAE, Manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Fiber, and Vitamin B2 than Sweet potato. But while most Americans are comfortable with the two or three shades of sweet potato theyre familiar with, they might avoid some of the tastiest varieties for lack of familiarity. It may be harder to find recipes including purple. Japanese sweet potatoes are medium to large in size with a cylindrical, oblong shape and rounded tapered ends. To me, it seems that garnets are slightly more reddish in color on the outside. Although the carbs in sweet potatoes are complex and raises blood sugar more slowly. Does it matter when it comes to your health? Braising these taters, or cooking them low and slow, gives them a silky texture. Depending on where you live, it may be difficult to find purple sweet in the local stores. Their flesh is slightly sweet with a starchy texture that is similar to a traditional white potato but is very creamy and takes on a yellowish hue when cooked. Okinawa sweet potatoes, also known by their Japanese name, beni-imo, have unremarkable off-white or dusty purple skins, but once you slice into them, you're greeted by a rich and vibrant purple flesh rarely seen in nature. Put the steaming rack into the pressure cooker pot and add in 1 cup of water. These sweet potatoes are much denser than most of the orange varieties, and starchier, too. This variety is also called the soft sweet potato and has reddish-brown skin with bright, orange flesh. Golden Sweet. Their flesh becomes sweet when cooked. So, when I spotted these 5 varieties of sweet potatoes in Whole Foods the other day, I decided to document them with photographs and notes! There are a few varieties of sweet potatoes that are sold as Cordner cultivars. This is simply a buildup of betacarotene. The O'Henry sweet potato is incredibly versatile. According to scientific studies, vitamin A helps the eyes when it comes to dim light vision and dry eyes5. Itll add some variety to your diet.. Purple potatoes contain a class of anthocyanins that may also keep your eyes healthy. (5), Although sweet potatoes are high in starch, they are considered a low-glycemic index (GI) food by the American Diabetes Association, with a GI under 55, making them one of the safer sources of carbohydrate for people with blood sugar issues. These sweet spuds account for nearly 85 percent of sweet potato production in North Carolina and are continuing to become more popular, according to North Carolina Sweet Potatoes. Golden Sweet - Mid-season. Various types of sweet potatoes are very versatile when it comes to cooking. Eric Adjepong Made His 'Top Chef' Finale Meal Anyway. In addition to being a potent antioxidant, anthocyanins may possess anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial effects, in addition to helping to protect against obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, according to a study published in Food and Nutrition Research in August 2017. Purple sweet have a rich taste with a wine-like flavor. For this reason many people ask, which sweet potato is healthier? So, sweet potatoes are a completely different type of vegetable from potatoes. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Here are some of the most popular purple sweet potatoes that you can buy. Ube purple yams are a staple food in Asian countries and their sweet nutty taste goes well with desserts. Picking a Winner in 7 Food Fights, Heres the Deal With Your Junk Food Cravings, Recipe Adventure: 10 Ways To Cook and Bake With Cinnamon, Everything to Know About Spaghetti Squash, 6 Sore Throat Remedies That Actually Work. The flesh is dryer in texture and tastes starchier than other types. Sweet potatoes must be kept cool, moist, and light to prevent them from becoming overheated, moisture-laden, or just plain old sweet. He's a contributor to the Washington Post, New York Magazine, Vice, and more. Covingtons have a moist and creamy texture with a malty sweet flavor when cooked. They have a slightly sweet taste and are fairly firm inside. One type of sweet potato popular in the southern states in the U.S. is the White Delight variety. Read more: 8 Warning Signs of Depression You Shouldn't Ignore. Olive Oil vs Soybean Oil: Which of the Oils is Better? Poke a few holes into each potato with a fork or knife, and then bake in an oven preheated to 350-375 F (175-190 C) until a fork goes in easily (this takes approximately 45-90min exact time depends on how large the potato is). These cells have the responsibility of keeping the immune system as healthy as possible to fight viruses and illnesses effectively. The conclusions suggested that supplementing magnesium in people with physical and mental stress can help relieve restlessness, irritability, depression, lack of concentration or insomnia. In addition to being sweet and flavorful, they retain their lovely orange hue even after baking. Their moist flesh is good for baking, mashing, or frying. It is, after all, my favorite fall vegetable. Beauregards will break down slightly when cooked, and when roasted, while they'll still hold their shape, they don't maintain the same chewy bite that other varieties do. Jewels have light orange skin, and are less intensely sweet than Beauregards, but can be used in many of the same recipes. Garnet sweet potatoes aren't necessarily sweet, but they're full of nutrients. To call them sloppy would be an understatement. As mentioned earlier, anthocyanins are the pigments that give red, purple, and blue fruits, plants and vegetables their rich coloring and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Poke a few holes into each potato and place them onto the rack. Fiber rich diets have been linked to regular bowel movements and a lower risk of colon cancer 8. These are what you typically find in the grocery store, even if the label says yam. Lets examine the different taste and texture of each sweet potato. To conduct original research, I decided to visit a few local supermarkets and compare the prices of each one. Magnesium plays an essential role in nerve transmission and muscle contraction, which may be why it has been studied for its potential to prevent and treat neurological disorders, according to a review in Nutrients, published in June 2018. Sweet potato virus diversity is an important factor in food security and sustainability. Both typically have brownish skin; though, that can vary depending on the variety. They are delicious when baked, mashed, pureed or whipped. As a Certified Health Coach many of my clients ask about sweet potatoes. Some youll want to mash with butter and herbs, while others are better left in chunks, roasted with hearty root vegetables. Like carotenes, these cells provide essential functions for good vision and help your eyes absorb light and protect them from damage. Beta carotene and vitamin A. All potato varieties provide a good amount of potassium. If you're looking for a little extra sweetness, use Jewels for sweet potato pie or a simple mash with cinnamon and maple syrup on top. They are generally starchy and slightly sweet, but range in shape, color and texture, each with its own unique taste profile. All sweet potatoes have similar vitamin and mineral content making them great allies in supporting your overall health. Interestingly, they can come in various varieties, each having different flavors, sizes, shapes, textures, and firmness. Jewel Sweet Potatoes Bottom line: The glycemic index misses a lot of important information. Pistachios vs Almonds: Which is Better? Increased cooking times is recommended for purple. The purple color comes from pigments called anthocyanins which are powerful antioxidants. Bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees F. Timest. Red potato has less Sugar. Looking at pictures of the Jersey sweet potato you can see that it is similar in color to regular potatoes. The big difference between the two is the skin color: Japanese sweet potatoes have a pinkish brown skin and the outer skin of a boniato is light tan. The primary difference between oat bran and oatmeal is how each is made. In addition, no statement on this website has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and any product mentioned or described on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Cleveland Clinic 1995-2023. Brinkley White sweet potatoes have creamy white skin and white potato flesh. Find out about the different types of sweet potatoes like Jewel, Garnett and Japanese as well as how they differ in taste and texture, and how to cook them. Bush Porto Rico sweet potatoes are a popular type of sweet root vegetable that is also used to create many cultivars. The two most common white-fleshed sweet potatoes are Boniato, also called batata, or Cuban sweet potato, and the Japanese sweet potato, also called the satsuma-imo. In 100g of my whole wheat pasta there are 72g carbs, 12g protein and 350 calories. All the varieties described below are technically sweet potatoes, though theyre often called yams. (Youre on your own for taste.). Therefore, lets answer, is a redear sunfish the same as a bluegill? Rest assured, either variety is a good choice nutritionally - so say goodbye to sweet potato favouritism and hello to all kinds of taters. You might be familiar with one or two, but there are many different varieties of sweet potatoes. *Percent Daily Values based on a 2,000 calorie diet. They are easier to find online. With only 103 calories in a whole, cooked sweet potato, there is no fat or cholesterol unless you smother your potato with butter or sour cream. In this article, you will find descriptions of the most popular kinds of sweet potatoes. The quantity needed in recipes doesnt change when substituting one potato for the other. They are both good to eat as a part of a healthy . Find out how white sweet potatoes compared in my comparison article. They are native to Polynesia and the Central and South America region, domesticated more than 5,000 years ago, and grown worldwide today. FLESH Deep orange. Boost Your Energy, Lose Weight, & Feel Better by Starting the Smart Way. ), wed resort to laborious descriptions of what the skin looked like, what color the flesh was, how it tasted, etc. Also, sweet potatoes are native to the Americas, whereas yams come from Asia and Africa. A 2017 study even found that eating fried potatoes twice a week increased your risk of death. A medium-sized sweet potato has 13 grams of sugar compared to just 2 grams in a medium-sized potato. While most sweet potato varieties are delicious and incredibly versatile, knowing what type you're dealing with can help you choose a cooking method and sweet potato recipe that may be better suited for that spud. In a small bowl mix spices and sprinkle generously over potatoes.

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